Fiberglass Gluing in Roofing Plants

Very often the hot melt applicators/guns used to apply high temperature polyamides for splices in roofing plants are completely insufficient.

They offer minimal melt rate in the heated pressure tube. They offer minimal output rates as they are only pressurized with air to a maximum of 60 psi.  The temperatures are set too high to compensate for their limited melt capacity and they degrade the adhesive.

This affects the bond strength of the adhesive. This type of applicator is also breaking down constantly. Finally, it requires regular filling – exposing operators to high temperature adhesive.

Bulk high temperature melters with extra melt grids to insure ample melt rate and polyamide adhesive conditioning are imperative for roof splice applications.  These units should have high temperature, high output pumps to insure that polyamide is applied to the fiberglass web very quickly to minimize the setting of this adhesive.

After the fast high volume application of these hot melts – you will want to insure that the adhesive is thoroughly cooled prior to advancing into the bituminous coating ovens.

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