Glue Machinery’s partnership with ITW Dynatec

Photograph of an ITW Dynatec hot melt adhesive machine

Glue Machinery Corporation has partnered with ITW Dynatec to provide you with the highest quality hot melt equipment available.

ITW Dynatec is a division of Illinois Tool Works, which was established by a merger of LTI, Mercer and Macon in 1992. They have manufacturing operations in China, Japan, Germany and France in addition to their headquarters/manufacturing in Hendersonville, TN, USA.


Glue Machinery Corporation deals a variety of ITW products for hot melt packaging and product assembly including:

  • Hot Melt Slot Gun
  • SR and S series Hot Melt Tanks
  • N5 Hot Melt Handgun System
  • DS Simplicity Hot Melt Units

These products can be used for a variety of hot melt adhesive applications that can help you meet the volume requirements to ensure your packaging and assembly projects come off without a hitch.

ITW Dynatec products are designed to manufacture superior products with less waste, improved quality, and reduced consumables.

The company has been an industry leader in hot melt glue machinery and case sealer technologies for over 45 years.


Hot melt seals that meet strict standards for consumer safety are exactly what ITW manufactured equipment is designed for. Whether you’re putting together bliss boxes for products that require extra stability or food grade packaging using adhesives that can safely come in contact with products that people will eat or drink, ITW Dynatec equipment is made to stand up to the jobs you do every day.

ITW equipment is used across a variety of industries:

  • Hot melt seals and packaging manufacture for food and beverage
  • Beauty products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Household cleaning products

Commitment to efficiency and Sustainability

ITW focuses on reducing waste in manufacturing as part of its sustainability initiatives both because it makes good business sense, and as part of efforts to reduce the negative effects of manufacturing on the environment.

In both materials cost and human resources, ITW Dynatec is committed to making a positive impact on the manufacturing industry and Glue Machinery is proud to partner with them.

Contact us or call 1.888.202.2468 for more information about the ITW Dynatec equipment we carry.


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