Z Glue Contact Gun (CGG12)

Compact High Performance Glue Gun to apply a line, dot or dash of water based glue to flat substrates in contact with the nozzle.

Product Details:

  • Fast cycling: less than 10 millisecond
  • Fine pattern ability down to 1/32" (.032")
  • Easy micrometer flow adjustment on back of gun
  • Low Maintenance with no glue cavity in nozzle
  • Slight contact with nozzle at 45° angle to substrate required
  • Operates well with 500-2500 cps filtered water based glue
  • Operational fluid pressure 10-50 psi
  • 80 psi air and 24VDC signal required
Note: Pattern Controllers, fluid lines and pumping systems available.


Z Glue Contact Gun (CGG12)

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