Champ™ PUR Cartridge Bead Gun
Champ™ PUR Cartridge Bead Gun
Champ™ PUR Cartridge Bead Gun
Champ™ PUR Cartridge Bead Gun
Champ™ PUR Cartridge Bead Gun
310 ml Cartridge: 9" Long, 1.845 Diameter, Thread M15x1.5
Optional Tool Balancer
Cartridge Preheater
Champ Pneumatic Hot Melt Gun on Custom Stand with footswitch

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Compatible With:

Wide range of low to medium viscosity polyurethane reactive hot melts

Product Manuals / Related PDFs:

Champ™ PUR Cartridge Bead Gun Product Manual is available from Glue Machinery Corporation - 1-888-202-2468


** Read Manual Before Operating Any Champ Adhesive Applicator**
Always Wear Protective Gloves, Sleeves and Safety Glasses When Operating Champ Adhesive Applicators
** Champ Adhesive Applicators And Adhesives Are Very Hot; Injury Could Result From Improper Use**

Champ™ PUR Cartridge Bead Gun

Industrial grade polyurethane extrusion gun with preset temperature controller.

Product Details:

Excellent low cost PUR guns for extruding moisture curing reactive hot melts. The PUR Moisture Cure Cartridge Hot Melt Bead Gun melts polyurethane reactive hot melt  in 310 ml cartridge form and applies the glue in bead form. The PUR processing temperature is set at our factory.  Typical range for PUR is 250ºF to 325ºF.
  • Lightweight impact resistant gun shell.
  • Processes PUR in 310 ml cartridges.
  • Adjustable glue volume controls air controls.
  • Variety of nozzles available for variable patterns.
  • M10 x 1 Nozzle Threads
  • Heats adhesive to application temperature in 10 to 20 minutes depending upon adhesive.
  • 120 VAC
  • New guns availability is immediate.
  • Immediate parts and service available.
  • Full service rebuild facility for applicators.
  • Dual cartridge preheater available.
  • Click here for operational tips.


Champ™ PUR Cartridge Bead Gun

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