Compatible With:

Shot Pot™ Timer, Shot Pot™ Swirl, Shot Pot™ Timer - Dual Hot Melt Systems

Dual Photosensor in Series Option

Dual Photosensor Addon for Shot Pot™ with Timer, Shot Pot™ Swirl and Shot Pot™ Timer - Dual systems.

Product Details:

  • Lowest cost automatic hot melt system with dual photosensors.
  • Used to cycle hot melt adhesive lines on slow moving substrates from edge to edge.
  • Photosensors in series ensure pattern stays on substrate.
  • Pattern lengths are easily adjusted by moving the photosensors up or downstream.
  • Easily installed and fully operational in one hour.
  • Foot switch on shot pot allows for manually actuated timed shots.


Dual Photosensor in Series

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