EconoMelt™ 20-2 Hot Melt Tank1
EconoMelt™ 20-2 Hot Melt Tank2
EconoMelt™ 20-2 Hot Melt Tank3
EconoMelt™ 20-2 Hot Melt TankTop Fixed Orifice4
EconoMelt™ 20-2 Hot Melt TankTop Adjustable5
EconoMelt™ 20-2 Hot Melt TankBottom Adjustable6
EconoMelt™ 20-2 Hot Melt TankCase Erecting7

Compatible With:

All standard hot melt adhesives. (Quality Bulk Adhesives available from Glue Machinery Corporation™)

EconoMelt™ 20-2 Hot Melt Tank

Simple, low cost industrial hot melt tank with 20 lb capacity, high flow piston pump, ability to operate with two hoses and handguns or automatic guns.



EconoMelt™ 20-2 Hot Melt Tank

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Product Details:

• 20 lb tank capacity • 15-20lb / hour melting rate depending on system voltage and adhesive • Air powered constant pressure piston pump with 1.5lb per minute output • Max viscosity: 12,000 CPS • Max Operation Temp: 220°C/428°F • Dimensions: 16.93" x 13.39" x 28.74" • Operates with up to 2 hoses and 2 guns • Standard hose lengths are 6', 8', and 12' • EconoMelt 20-2/20-4 Tank Power Requirements: 240VAC = 24.5 amp/1ph/50-60Hz • EconoMelt Hose for EconoMelt 20-4 Power Requirements: 240VAC = 50w per foot • Maximum pump air consumption at 60PSI 1.4 SCFM (30 pump cycles per minute). **EconoMelt 20-2 supplied with a 10', 10/3 SOOW power cable. Customer required to install correct electrical plug specific to their available electrical service onsite. **Now available configured to operate with Nordson hoses and guns