Z Glue Spray Gun

Product Info:

Pneumatic spray gun for precise appliation of low viscosity water based glues.

Product Details:

The Z Spray Glue Guns are industrial components that allow for the precise application of low viscosity water based glues.

The guns are very compact in size and build with only the finest materials. They are pneumatically actuated by an external solenoid valve.

A range of nozzles are available as well as two spray caps: one for a fan spray and one for a round spray. the micrometric adjustment allows a fine control of the glue quantity.

  • Available nozzle diameters from .012 to .060" / 0.3 to 1.5 mm
  • Air pressure control minimum 72 psi / 5 bar
  • Maximum fluid pressure 6 bar
  • Spray air pressure from 7 psi to 36 psi / 0.5 to 2.5 bar
  • Weight 1 lb / 450 g