SWF Case Erector with Star Wheel Hot Melt Systems

SWF has produced quality box erectors for poultry and other industries for many years. These erectors typically come with an antiquated hot melt “star wheel” hot melt application system on each side of the machine.

As a blank box advances -it quickly passes the star wheels. The star wheels rotate and create fluid pressure that extrudes the adhesive onto the box. While extremely simple this method of application has its limitations. First, the wheels must make intimate contact with the box which can be difficult. Secondly, the adhesive pressurization does not stop quickly as the boxes quickly pass by and the nozzles “string” and drool adhesive all over the machinery.

Star wheel pots also have limited melt rate and precise intermittent patterns are difficult if not impossible to achieve without customizing the box blank.

A very good alternative to this contact method of hot melt application is a high speed extrusion system with pattern controller. These high pressure hot melt guns can easily cycle non-contact patterns without touching the board. They can totally eliminate stringing of adhesive and the associated maintenance.

These hot melt systems can also be dialed in to apply optimal quantities of hot melt with each box. Also, hot melt tanks have far better melt rate than the old star wheel pots. Finally, pattern controls can apply adhesive exactly where required reducing adhesive consumption and allowing packagers to use standard box blanks rather than customer box blanks.

For a faster, cleaner, more efficient SWF Box and Tray Erector that uses less hot melt and requires far less maintenance, high speed extrusion systems should be considered.


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