The Impact of Adhesives in Product Packaging

Companies have historically relied on hot melt adhesives for all their product packaging and manufacturing needs. There’s a good reason for it, too! Hot melt adhesives are typically used for stabilizing particular areas of packaging that need a solid bond, closing cartons, and sealing a variety of packaging materials in preparation for shipping and consumer use. In addition, since hot melt has water-resistant capabilities and a shorter set time to bond in comparison to water-based adhesives, it’s a preferred adhesive type for manufacturers who need to ensure that their products are thoroughly packaged and can endure arduous environmental conditions that their products may be exposed to during transportation. 

What’s the Big Deal Over Hot Melt Adhesives? 

Hot melt is a pretty big deal when it comes to product packaging. Hot melt can be precisely applied without implementing labor-intensive steps when using the right machinery. The Glue Machinery Corporation carries a variety of hot melt adhesive formulas and hot melt dispensers so that your company can find the best fit for your manufacturing processes. Whether you need a hot melt adhesive with a low or high melting point or a specific formula that bonds to select materials, the Glue Machinery Corporation can work with you to get your most efficient product packaging assembly yet. 

Types of Hot Melt Machinery for Hand Applications

Hot melt can be applied through a variety of machinery by hand. In product packaging, hand machinery is frequently used to create patterns and ensure a secure bond. The Glue Machinery Corporation carries bulk hot melt handguns, industrial hot melt stick guns, distillate spray guns, hot bead guns, swirl/spray guns, and many more types of hot melt machinery. This means that your company can get the most personalized application for all of your product packaging assembly needs.

Adhesive Requirements for Product Packaging

Depending on the type of product your company is packaging, you’ll need to adhere to your product’s adhesive requirements. For example, did you know that frozen food packaging needs a particular type of hot melt adhesive that can withstand being stored in a freezer? That’s why the Glue Machinery Corporation is available to do the Glue Diligence for your company!


At Glue Machinery Corporation, we do the Glue Diligence® so that you don’t have to. If you’re looking into different types of hot melt adhesives for your manufacturing industry and you aren’t sure which glue would work best, we can help. With our Glue Diligence®, we can find the right adhesive, machinery, and equipment for your specific application and production needs so that your company can get the most bang for your buck. 


The Glue Machinery Corporation is dedicated to supplying the highest quality hot melt. At the Glue Machinery, you can find the right application, adhesives, and equipment for all your manufacturing needs. There’s a reason why leading companies around the world come to the Glue Machinery Corporation for all their manufacturing needs. Come find out why! Contact us today.


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