ULine H-3129 vs. Champ Stick 400 High Performance Glue Gun

Both of these tools look similar, heat up in the same amount of time, offer good melt, have adjustable temperature controls and offer smooth trigger actuation but that is where the similarities end.

Champ™ Stick 400
Champ™ Stick 400
  1. 1/2 “ Stick vs 5/8” stick- Why are there different sizes?
    The Champ Stick 400 processes the standard ½” glue sticks that are readily available from many sources at very low cost. The ULine H-3129 processes 5/8” glue sticks which are much harder to find from sources other than ULine. These odd sized sticks are more expensive.
  2. Nozzle Configurations- Do you have optional nozzles you can use?
    The Champ Stick 400 is supplies with a low cost replaceable metal nozzle tip. This can be removed and replaced or a range of other nozzles tips to include dual, triple and extended nozzles can be added to the gun. The Upline H3129 offers only one 4 MM nozzle tip that is easily damaged.
  3. Repairable – What happens when the tool needs service?
    The Champ Stick 400 is a serviceable hot melt glue gun. Heater, wiring harness, On/Off switch are all available in the rebuild kit. No repair kits or parts are available with the ULine H-3129 hot melt stick gun
  4. Expertise- What tool is correct for your application
    Glue Machinery Corporation can help you to determine if the Champ Stick 400 is the correct high performance hot melt gun for your application. If it is not sufficient we offer a wide range of high output guns that process and apply a much wider range of lower cost hot melts. ULine has no expertise in the hot melt machinery industry and cannot provide expert knowledge about the H-3129 High Performance Glue gun.
  5. Heat Up Time and Some Bad Advice
    Hot Melt Stick guns heat quickly ULine recommends that the heat up time for any stick gun is three minutes is doing you a disservice. Using any hot melt gun that quickly will force glue back into the feed chamber and damage the gun

See the complete specs for the Champ Stick 400.




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