Filter Assembly and Adhesives

Filters, particularly ones used in HVAC systems, are having a moment in the news lately. Rising concerns about indoor air quality and its impact on residential, commercial, and industrial spaces is one of the primary factors driving current demand for filters, per a 2019 global analysis by Fortune Business Insights. Additionally, increased awareness around particulate matter in water sources and demand for more efficient automobiles has sparked growth in this market.

different kinds of filters

In the post below, we provide an overview of how adhesives, both hot melt and cold glue, make filter assembly possible. We also highlight some adhesives and applicators tailored to this type of manufacturing.

What Adhesives Get Used for Filter Assembly?

Hot melt and water-based adhesives can be used for assembling filters used in HVAC systems, water bottles, automobiles’ and other machines’ engines. These glues connect multiple layers of filter material and improve filters’ efficiency. The appropriate adhesives get selected with the following considerations in mind:

  • Substrate type
  • The fluid being filtered (hot air, fuels, lubricants, etc.)
  • Service temperature range
  • Adhesive application method

How Filter Adhesives Get Used

Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot melts most frequently are used for the end-capping of filters after they are cut into specific sizes to fit into their final destination. For example, if you were to pull out your home’s or workplace’s HVAC system’s filter, you will notice strips of cardboard outlining it. These are the end-caps.

Cold Glues


Adhesives and Applicators Ideal for Filter Assembly

Hot Melts

Hot melt adhesives ideal for corrugated applications that we carry include:

Each of these glues offers strong bonds with difficult surfaces. They also exhibit low odors and excellent heat stability with a long open time.


We encourage manufacturers to consider their production space, staff’s experience handling hot melts or cold glues, and their budgets when selecting an appropriate piece of machinery. Below are some hot melt and cold glue applicators that are well-suited for assembling filters.

Hot Melt-Specific

  • End Cap Gluing System
    • A world-class adhesive system that offers a stunning array of benefits, including flexibility to accommodate a range of filter gluing applications and a simple, user-friendly setup and operation.


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