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When manufacturing companies need industrial hot melt glue guns for their packaging and product assembly tasks, they trust Glue Machinery Corporation to have the right products. For more than 50 years, Glue Machinery Corporation has provided manufacturers across multiple industries with world-class adhesive equipment and accessories. With an extensive industrial glue gun line that offers the perfect mix of functionality, durability, and ease of use, finding the right product for your particular application is easy.

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ChampStick™ 400 Industrial Hot Melt Stick Gun

Industrial hot melt handgun melts and applies hot melt with speed and accuracy with no "Stringing" or dripping from t... View Product

Champ™ 3 Bulk Hot Melt Glue Gun

Industrial hot glue gun with 5 ounce melt tank in the gun, high flow trigger, "No Drip" check valve nozzle tip, and ... View Product

Champ™ 600 Bulk Hot Melt Glue Gun

The Champ™ 600 Industrial Hot Melt Handgun, with 8 ounce melt tank, has a high output piston pump, The "No Drip" che... View Product

Champ™ MAX / MAX HT Hot Melt Gun

Applies more hot melts and PURs than a self-contained hot melt handgun View Product

Champ™ 10 Basic LCD Hot Melt Gun

Industrial Hot Melt Handgun with 8.5oz tank in the gun, adjustable volume controls, precision temperature controls, ... View Product

Champ™ Distillate Spray Gun

Spray heated molten distillate material with speed, accuracy and low maintenance. Champ Distillate Spray gun elimin... View Product

Champ™ 10 LCD Hot Bead Gun

Industrial Hot Melt Handgun with 11 ounce tank in the gun, adjustable volume controls, precision temperature controls... View Product

Champ™ 10S LCD Hot Spray Gun

Industrial Hot Melt Handgun with 8.5 ounce tank in the gun, adjustable volume controls, precision temperature control... View Product

Champ™ 10s LCD Wax Spray Gun

Industrial Wax Spray Atomization Handgun View Product

EconoChamp™ Hot Melt Bead Gun

Industrial high flow hot melt handgun for precise high volume application of hot melt adhesive. (Requires flexible he... View Product

EconoMelt™ 10 Industrial Hot Melt Handgun System

Simple, low cost industrial hot melt tank with 10 lb capacity tank, high flow piston pump ability to operate one hose... View Product

EconoMelt™ 20-2/4 Hot Melt Handgun System Package

• 240V high performance hot melt handgun system package • Five temperature zones • 20 lb. melt tank • Air operat... View Product

EconoChamp™ Hot Melt Swirl/Spray Gun

Industrial high flow hot melt handgun for precise high volume spray/swirl application of hot melt adhesive. (Requires... View Product

DynaChamp™ High Flow Hot Melt Bead Gun

Industrial High Flow Hot Melt Handgun for precise, high volume application of hot melt adhesive. Requires flexible h... View Product

EconoMelt™ Hot Melt Pail Unloader Handgun System

High performance hot melt pail unloader melts and pumps hot melt adhesive through high pressure flexible heated hoses... View Product

N5 Hot Melt Handgun System

Industrial gear driven Melt On Demand hot melt tank with one 8’ flexible hose and DynaChamp handgun with .055” orific... View Product

DynaChamp™ S - High Flow Swirl Handgun

Industrial high flow hot melt swirl handgun can be used to spray and swirl hot melt patterns with accuracy and high v... View Product

Melt-Fill Tank

Supplemental Melter for Hot Melt Handguns with reservoirs. View Product

Champ™ 3 with Melt-Fill Tank Package

Champ™ 3 with Melt-Fill Tank for increased melt rates. View Product

Champ™ 3 and Champ™ 600 with Champ™ Premelt Tank/Pump

Champ™ 3 Hotmelt Handgun with Champ™ Premelt tank/pump for increased melt rates. View Product

Why You Need Industrial Glue Guns

If you are in the construction, packaging, or electronics industry, you know that industrial glue guns are a cost-effective and versatile tool that can be used to manufacture a wide range of products. These glue applicators are easy to use and can be customized with different application-specific nozzles. They offer manufacturers significant cost savings through the use of bulk adhesive tailored to substrates. Whether you're looking to improve efficiency or reduce costs, industrial glue guns are an excellent investment that can help you achieve your manufacturing goals.


Boasting a prestigious client list featuring names like 3M, Coca-Cola, NASA, Johnson & Johnson, and Toyota, Glue Machinery Corporation stands as a trusted leader in the realm of industrial adhesive equipment.

Opting for Glue Machinery Corporation as your go-to for industrial adhesive application tools offers you:

  • Decades of Trust and Expertise: With over half a century in the business, we've become the trusted partner for diverse industries seeking top-notch adhesive application systems. Our seasoned team is committed to pairing you with the ideal adhesive tool tailored to your unique requirements.
  • Superior Adhesive Equipment: As a premier manufacturer in the adhesive machinery sector, our focus is on delivering efficient, user-friendly tools crafted to meet the rigorous demands of production. Every adhesive tool is meticulously designed and assembled at our state-of-the-art facility in Baltimore, Maryland. We ensure each item surpasses the industry benchmarks before it reaches our clients.
  • Outstanding Quality at Competitive Rates: Why compromise on quality when you can have industry-leading machinery without breaking the bank? At Glue Machinery Corporation, we pride ourselves on offering top-tier products at prices that offer genuine value.

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If you're seeking a hot melt glue gun and unable to find it on our website, please call us today at 1-888-202-2468. Alternatively, our team would be happy to work with you on identifying the right application system via our free Glue Diligence program.

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