Automatic Cold Glue Applicators

Used throughout the packaging industry to erect and seal cases as well as in palletizing items for shipment, cold glue is a water-based adhesive that offers excellent bonding properties. Automatic cold glue applicators are also commonly used by companies involved in mailing, labeling, woodworking, and cabinet-building activities, and are also used in converting applications where two substrates are bonded to create a single substrate.

Unlike manual cold glue applicators that offer imprecise, inconsistent amounts and patterns of adhesive, automatic cold glue guns allow companies to enjoy all of the benefits of a water-based adhesive along with the uniformity provided by an automated application system.

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ZD Glue Squirt Gun

Non-Contact / High Speed / Low Viscosity Water Based Glues / Low Pressure / Compact/ Adjustable View Product

Cold Glue Bead / Dot Gun

Low cost cold glue bead or dot gun for the extrusion of low to medium viscosity water based adhesives. View Product

Z Glue Contact Gun

Compact High Performance Glue Gun to apply a line, dot or dash of water based glue to flat substrates in contact with... View Product

ZK Glue Squirt Gun

Non-Contact/ Medium Cycle Speed/ Medium Viscosity/ High Pressure View Product

ZB Glue Squirt Gun

Non-Contact/ Medium Cycle Speed/ Medium to High Viscosity/ High Pressure View Product

Z Electric Glue Gun

Electromagnetic Glue Gun for the extrusion of high speed glue dots and lines of low to medium viscosity water bas... View Product

Z Glue Spray Gun

Pneumatic spray gun for precise appliation of low viscosity water based glues. View Product

Z Glue Slot Gun

Electro-pneumatic coating gun for medium/high viscosity glues, adhesives and fluids with solenoid valve, micrometric ... View Product

XTC Automatic Spray Gun

Excellent finish quality with a modular design. View Product

Z Glue Squirt Gun - Multi Line

Available to apply precise lines and dots of low viscosity water based adhesive on fixed centers. This machinery i... View Product

Work with a Leader in Automatic Cold Glue Applicators and Adhesives

With a portfolio of clients that includes 3M, Coca-Cola, NASA, Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, and others, Glue Machinery Corporation is the name people trust for top-quality cold glue applicators and accessories. When you choose Glue Machinery Corporation as your provider for cold glue equipment, you'll enjoy:

  • Unrivaled experience and expertise: For more than 50 years, clients from a broad range of industries have trusted Glue Machinery Corporation to deliver the industry's best cold glue guns. Count on our team to match you with the right cold glue equipment for your specific needs.
  • Top-quality cold glue applicators and systems: As a full-scale manufacturer of cold glue machinery, we're dedicated to providing our clients with tools that are efficient, easy to use, and built to withstand the most challenging production demands. Every cold glue applicator is designed and constructed in our world-class Baltimore, Maryland facility. Before shipping out to customers, we ensure each piece exceeds performance standards.
  • Low prices for excellent value: Industrial-strength machinery at competitive prices — what more could you ask for? Glue Machinery Corporation delivers unbeatable quality at a great deal!

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